Discover more of the world with Sea-Doo. We’ve been to places where you might not think to go and do things you wouldn’t think of first. Watch this summer’s webseries for a whole new take on the Sea-Doo Life.

  • Food. Fishing. Life.

    Food. Fishing. Life.

    Matilda has lived and fished around Lake Vänern her whole life – but never before on a Sea-Doo FishPro. See a seasoned angler experience a whole new kind of thrilling adventure.
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  • Freedom to Roam

    Freedom to Roam

    The outdoors is another home to Matilda. There she can free her mind. With a Sea-Doo, she can experience a new kind of freedom. Join Matilda and her boyfriend as they go water camping on Sea-Doos.
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  • You, me, and Sea‑Doo

    You, me, and Sea‑Doo

    John and Eva live in Athens. To free themselves, they enjoy adventuring with their van. By bringing a Sea-Doo, they have all new possibilities for exploration and discovery. Watch for yourself!
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  • Fast friends

    Fast friends

    Orestis and John have known each other since childhood and have adventured with Sea-Doos a lot. To them, a Sea-Doo is better than a boat. They take Annie, Eva and you to some very cool spots they've discovered!
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  • Cruisin' Zakynthos

    Cruisin' Zakynthos

    Sea-Doos are great for exploring. Eva, Orestis, John and Annie go explore Zakynthos together. With Sea-Doos, it's a breeze for them. Let them show you how to make the most of exploration with Sea-Doos!
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