How to ride responsibly


Responsible fun: two words you normally would not put together, but it’s what we live and breathe at Sea-Doo. 

We love to play hard more than anyone, especially when we hit the waves and relish the freedom of the great outdoors, but we’re also serious when it comes to being responsible and respectful on the water. 

When you become a new Sea-Doo owner, you also become part of our community for life. That means setting an example for looking after each other, our environment and our safety on the water, which comes with great responsibility – and a great deal of fun.


Do you need a license for a Sea-Doo?
This is a common question our dealers get asked, and the answer wholly depends on where you want to ride. Different parts of the country require different things, so it’s worth checking before you set out. 

Having said that, you’ll need to be at least 16 years of age to ride a personal watercraft, have insurance and you may or may not need a permit (this depends on where you’re riding again). 

Anyone can drive, so long as you’re not under the influence of drugs and alcohol, though we recommend taking a Safe Boating Course to learn the basics of seamanship and safety. You might need evidence of boating education to ride in certain areas too.


Is it easy to ride a Sea-Doo?
If you’ve taken a Safe Boating Course then you’ll be up to date with things like right of way, passing port to port and passing starboard to starboard. And once you’re on the water, all our personal watercraft models make riding a breeze. 

In-built safety features mean less worrying – and more playing – while easy maneuverability gives you complete control. Different models have been designed for different uses, so you’ll have the right level of equipment and machinery for what you’re doing. Each comes with a Sea-Doo manual with all the information you need. 

Find the right model


What gear should you wear?
We have our own range of Sea-Doo accessories and apparel for you to wear while out on the water, including Personal Flotation Devices (PFD), which are mandatory, and Sea-Doo wetsuits, which must be worn when driving. We have a handy life jacket size chart to help you choose the right one.


Rules and legislation
We’ve already a mentioned a few musts above, and there will be local rules to abide by, but here’s a few basics:

  • Make sure the tether cord is attached to your wrist or life jacket

  • Keep a safe distance from other craft 

  • Wear a life jacket and bottom wetsuit

  • Check the weather conditions and traffic 

  • Have the necessary documentation 

  • Don’t enter restricted zones and reduce speed when you’re near the coast and harbour

More on Riding Responsbly


When we get asked how to ride a personal watercraft, we always say that our environment and nature come first, in line with being a responsible rider. With this in mind, set off and enjoy the exhilaration and energizing effect of the water. 

Happy Sea-Dooing!

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