Get the most out of the summer with the top 5 riding essentials

Summer time is the perfect time to get out on your Sea-Doo, but it can also be the time when you’re most at risk if you’re not wearing the right gear. That’s why it’s important to know what the top riding essentials for summer are, so you can be safe and comfortable while out on the open water.

Plus, all PWC riders in France will need to wear a neoprene wetsuit with a minimum thickness of 2 mm as of June. Sea-Doo offers everything you need to stay on top of this change, so here’s a handy list of the top five riding essentials you should have for summer.

1. Life jacket or personal flotation device (PFD)

The most important watercraft gear you need to wear is a life jacket or personal flotation device (PFD). These fit tightly around your torso but don’t interfere with your ability to control your craft.

From the highly technical Airflow model to the versatile Motion model and even for children, our range of Sea-Doo life jackets has something to meet your needs and ensure the highest safety. 

2. LinQ Cooler

What could be better on a hot summer ride than a cool drink by the waves? With this LinQ Cooler, you can bring your favorite cold beverages with you on your wave adventure.

The best part is, with the LinQ system, the cooler is easy and fast to install and without tools as well! Check out the cooler here.

3. LinQ Jerry Can

Don’t let fuel limit your desire for adventure. If you want to go further or for longer, having the LinQ Jerry Can with you is the way to go. Refueling is hassle free and installing with the LinQ system is a breeze. Check out the Jerry Can here.

4. LinQ Dry Bag

This waterproof Dry Bag is a great way to have your personal essentials with you and keep them nice and dry. With the LinQ system it’s easy to keep with you, and with it’s 40 l capacity, you can bring all you need with you. The integrated handle makes transporting off-vehicle easy too! Check out the Dry Bag here.

5. BRP Portable Audio System

Take the beat with you wherever you go. With the handy and Portable Audio system you can take the party with you through the waves and beyond. 50 watts and Bluetooth connectivity ensures ease of use and plenty of performance. The rechargeable battery lasts up to 24 hours. Check out the Portable Audio System here.

No matter what activity you enjoy in the water, you should get yourself appropriate watercraft apparel. With these tips, you can stay safe, comfortable and stylish while out on the open water this summer.

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