Water sports with your Sea‑Doo

Whether you’re new to water sports, you’ve tried your hand at a few activities or you’ve had the calling for a Sea-Doo life, a personal watercraft will give you the freedom to explore as well as the chance to find your passion and ignite your adventurous spirit. 


What’s so good about personal watercrafts for water sports? 

We’re all water sport enthusiasts and firmly believe that once you’re a Sea-Dooer, you’re a Sea-Dooer for life – it’s that addictive. 

There’s nothing better after a hard day’s work than hitting the waves in your Sea-Doo, taking off when you feel the urge, exploring and feeling the speed. It allows you to regain a sense of adventure every time you launch, and even cement in that quality family time (or alone time, for that matter). 

You’ve got the chance for a thrilling experience every time – no two rides are the same – and the added bonus that you’re not limited to simply riding your Sea-Doo, but that you can also enjoy other water sports while you’re out on the water, which we’ll talk about below.

For the fun of it

Our personal watercraft models have powerful engines, easy handling and ever-evolving innovations to ramp up the fun (and safety features). What’s more, they’re easy to learn, so you’ll be getting to grips with those tricks you’ve seen in videos in no time at all – and hitting those high speeds in seconds. 

Once you’ve found the best personal watercraft for you, you’ll have the power to practice other water sports, including innovative functions and features to make it a seamless and fun ride for all.

Join the Sea-Doo Life

What water sports can you practice with a personal watercraft?

The beauty of a Sea-Doo is its versatility. 

For example, the Sea-Doo Tow Sports models have been specifically designed for high-speed water sports. These models have tow bars, tow-focused features and increased stability so you can launch with ease every time. There is also extra storage to effortlessly carry your equipment to and from the shore.  

Other models focus on high performance, fishing or even touring and swimming. Either way, you’ll have a Sea-Doo that has the capability to adapt and perform for anything you fancy.

A few water sports you can try with a Sea-Doo include:

Wakeboarding: a thrilling mix of surfing and high speeds.

Waterskiing: a classic water sport. Once you’ve got your balance on the water you’ll be propelled over the waves on two skis. There’s also barefoot waterskiing for the brave-hearted.

Tubing: sit back on an inflatable donut-shape tube to bump and fly over the waves as you’re driven at high speed by the PWC. 

Fishing: use your personal watercraft for fishing out in the open water, surrounded by nothing but the open horizon. The Sea-Doo sport fishing models can get you to places no other vessel can reach.

Swimming: dive off the swim platform on the Sea-Doo touring models for an invigorating open-water swim. 

Find your ideal Sea-Doo model

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