Where to ride in the UK

We’re fortunate enough to live on an island, surrounded by diverse coastline, choppy seas, tranquil bays, lakes and estuaries, making the UK a Sea-Dooers playground. 

But before you jet off, you’ll need to do some homework on where you can safely, and legally, launch your Sea-Doo.


Where to ride in the UK
There are different bodies of water to tackle in the U.K. but there’s a snag: different governing bodies set their own rules for where and how you can ride a personal watercraft in different parts of the country. So what may be permitted in one area, won’t be in another. 

Part of the responsibility of being a Sea-Dooer is researching how and where you can launch. 

Private clubs have access to inland waterways. Becoming a member has its benefits - you can meet like-minded riders, join classes and tours, and work with the clubs to uphold safety and rider responsibility.

The coastline on the other hand offers public access. That doesn’t mean you can launch from any spot… you’ll have to check with the local council for designated launch sites and whether you need a licence and/or a permit in advance.


An ever-changing landscape
The rules and regulations on licencing and permits are as ever-changing as the scenery you’ll tour past on your Sea-Doo. 

The situation is constantly evolving given the increase in the number of PWC owners over the past few years and new or updated initiatives to safeguard our environment. 

Keeping up with the changing laws and regulations means you’re taking the responsibility – and adventure - seriously. 


How to be a Responsible Rider

Do I need a licence?
As mentioned, the regulations around requiring a licence are ever evolving. And while you don’t always need one in certain locations, we always encourage Sea-Dooers to gain their permit whether you have previous experience or not.

It’s also worth noting that more and more governing bodies and private ski clubs now require you have one (plus registering your PWC and having valid insurance).

The RYA Personal Watercraft Proficiency course (where you earn your licence) will teach you navigation and reading the weather, as well as how to launch, recover and handle your Sea-Doo safely – invaluable for when you are out and about on the water. 


Find out more about licences

Best PWC riding spots in the UK
You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to where you can ride. You’ll need to check the best access points beforehand, but you could soon be zooming along the Dorset coastline, famed for the Jurassic Coast and the Isle of Wight. 

Or head to North Wales where you’ll have Snowdonia for a backdrop as you ride along Llyn Peninsula, an Area of Outstanding Beauty. And look out for wild dolphins if you’re touring the coastline along Devon and Wales. 

Having said that, some of the best riding spots might just be close to home. Private ski clubs operate on lakes and lochs, giving you regular access to these beautiful areas.

Remember: do your research and apply for the right paperwork with the local council beforehand and you’ll be rewarded with many a Sea-Doo adventure to write home about.

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