FishPro 2022 – three Sea-Doo models for fishing get you hooked in the experience

The Sea-Doo lineup’s FishPro models for fishing are designed to get the most out of any fishing trip. In the 2022 lineup, the model gets three variants – Scout, Sport and Trophy – all of which are even better adapted to meet the needs and requirements of the modern fishing enthusiast.

As fishing is one way to enjoy the Sea-Doo life, we talked with an enthusiastic fisherman and snowmobile fan, Fredrik Andersson, who has had a FishPro in use for some time. For starters, he had this to say about the FishPro:

“Fishing has never been as fun as this”, Fredrik exclaims. 

Read more about what he thinks of the FishPro and fishing in general.

Elevate your fishing experience
Fredrik is an avid fisher and an experienced rider with both jetskis and snowmobiles. When going fishing, he favours trolling and for that, a jetski is unrivaled in terms of maneuverability. He describes trolling – and fishing in general – with his FishPro as an experience like no other.

“The feeling of freedom is definitely on a whole other level. The FishPro is so simple and flexible. With it, it’s easy to get out on the water and it’s also easy to use. Over the years, I’ve gone fishing on a boat a lot, but this is something new. A jetski is simply a really nice and compact means of transport on the water. I have no problem getting to shallow areas, I get from point A to point B both quickly and without a hassle. It really elevates your fishing experience, whether you prefer trolling or any other kind of fishing method”, Fredrik says.

Three FishPro models – especially for sport fishing
Jetskis are gaining favour as a means of travel for fishing, and that can be seen in the jetski community as well. For this reason and for this season, Sea-Doo has developed three different FishPro models that are specifically designed for fishing.

All three FishPro models come equipped with a proven Rotax engine, their construction is safe and reliable, and all feature sophisticated details that elevate the riding and fishing experience, making it more fun and safe. Here’s a rundown of the whole FishPro lineup:

The FishPro Scout is made for those who want to combine their interest in fishing with family life and an active lifestyle. The FishPro Scout comes equipped with a 6-inch Garmin Echomap and a comfortable and stable seat for the eager fisher. The Scout also has an iDF – Intelligent Debris-Free Pump System that ensures that your FishPro is safe and functional at all times. You also get a large cooler bag with a fishing rod holder at the back.

The FishPro Sport takes everything one step further. The Sport is even better adapted for sport fishing and a holistic experience on the water. Among other things, it has Garmin's Echomap with 6-inch screen, an extended rear part that provides a 29 centimeter extra platform for storage, stability and boarding. The FishPro Sport’s ergonomic footrests also help you sit even better on your FishPro while fishing.

The FishPro Trophy is the jetski to have if you live and breathe fishing and need the ultimate water machine for your adventures. On the Trophy, you have a large 7-inch Garmin fish finder and GPS. The Trophy also allows you with a simple connection to turn its large cooling box into a livewell, where your bait or catch stays fresh thanks to an oxygen pump. The FishPro Trophy also has a smart anchoring system with a special storage that means you don’t have to use the other storage spaces for anchors and line. It also comes equipped with a 170 horsepower engine, making the already impressive FishPro even more formidable.

You can view the whole FishPro lineup and the model-specific specifications on our website. 

Ease-of-riding with enough stability to enable both family life and fishing

Returning to Fredrik, who has had time to fish and ride his FishPro for a while already, he is absolutely sure the FishPro is the new gold standard for his fishing activities.

“I’ve been out fishing with a passenger aboard already and tried trolling – it worked like a charm! Even with some waves, neither anchoring or fishing caused any problems. Everything feels quite complete and well thought out. And, the FishPro is not only a great jetski for fishing, it also doubles as a great vehicle for a trip with the family or having some fun on the waves. They’re just so easy and steady to ride. You will be sold”, Fredrik exclaims.

All in all, Fredrik is very satisfied with the FishPro’s capabilities. If you haven’t tried out one yet, you might want to book a demo with your local dealer.

In the meantime, here are some tips for fishing with the FishPro from Fredrik. Until next time!

Fredrik’s short tips for fishing with the FishPro

  • Just launch, start up the fish finder, release the hooks and enjoy
  • Download the Active Captain app – it connects the Garmin sonar with your phone and you get access to charts lakes that other people have scanned
  • You can also go to your favourite spot even if it’s not scanned yet and scan it on your own

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