Discover new opportunities with Sea‑Doo FISHPRO – the PWC designed for fishing

Imagine having a fishing craft that takes you quickly and easily into hard-to-reach places. Imagine if the same fishing craft meant that you did not have to paddle, row or push forward in your grandparents' old wooden rowboat. The Sea-Doo FISH PRO is the exact combination of all these new possibilities packed into a flexible PWC.


A PWC designed fo fishing?
Exactly. In many parts of the world, fishermen have already discovered the wonderful opportunities there are to fish with a fast and stable PWC. Now it is the Swedish fishermen’s turn. Like all Sea-Doo watercraft, the FISH PRO is stable, fast and reliable. This special watercraft designed for fishing is also adapted in several smart ways, which make fishing comfortable and efficient.


From fly fishing to trolling
Fly fishermen need a stable and simple vessel. The fishing PWC is a couple of solid steps up from your old rowboat or inflatable boat. Here you can quickly change places, have all the necessary equipment with you – and to top it all off, be able to stand stable when you lay out your casts, or fly fish. Or you can simply use the watercraft to get to far away places, where you can step ashore or wade out. 

The FISH PRO is an exciting alternative to a boat even to those who like spin fishing in lakes and archipelagos for e.g. pike, pikeperch, or rainbow trout. The possibilities still don’t end there. You can cruise around in both salt and fresh water, you can angle, or develop your vertical fishing in completely new directions with this flexible fishing platform.



Stop, fish, go
The hull of the FISH PRO model is designed to provide stability in rough seas and at the same time give you a stable and firm platform to fish from after you have found the right fishing spot.

When you find the right spot, just stop and sit tight. The seat is made so that you sit comfortably in the driver's position, but when it is time for fishing, you can sit in the passenger position. The side stability means that you sit safely and securely. Angled footrests make the experience even better.

The extended rear section gives you more space for fishing and makes boarding easier, while also increasing stability.



Properly equipped – high reliability
Effective fishing requires keeping an eye on what is happening underneath the surface. The FISH PRO watercraft comes equipped with a Garmin Echomap Plus 62cv sonar and navigator with a 15 centimeter screen. The sensor is mounted in the hull. With this proven multifunction system, you get an overview of both navigation and fishing conditions.

This adapted-for-fishing watercraft also has the iDF (Intelligent Debris Free) pumping system which allows you to drive worry-free. The watercraft’s water intake can be cleaned in just a few seconds. You do not even have to leave the seat to clean it.



It's all in the details
In designing the FISH PRO with fishermen in mind, even the smallest, yet so essential details have been taken into account: it has adjustable and innovative side-mounted rod holders next to the large cooler. They allow you to have your pre-rigged rods ready, or even have them mounted for easier trolling. The holders are also excellent for placing drinks in.

With its 51 liter capacity, the cooler is spacious and suited for fishing. Here you can store equipment, food bags, bait fish, or the catch you want to take home.



Smarter storage
Safety and simplicity are other issues that were taken seriously when developing the FISH PRO. In its smart storage compartment, you can easily and quickly access water bottles, sunscreen and other small items. It also features a waterproof phone compartment, where you can optionally have an integrated USB port to allow you to have your mobile phone and camera charged and ready.

For more details on the performance and functions of the Sea-Doo FISH PRO, visit the model page here ( You’ll also find tips on how you can broaden your fishing horizons and reach new waters smoothly.


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