How to change the oil on a Sea‑Doo SWITCH pontoon?

An annual oil change for your Sea-Doo SWITCH pontoon is a key maintenance item to ensure many more years of worry-free memories. The step-by-step guide below will walk you through how to change your Sea-Doo SWITCH oil and get you back to your adventures in no time. Let’s get started!

Required tools for Sea-Doo SWITCH pontoon oil change

  • Oil change kit for your Rotax 1630 ACE engine, such as the XPS Oil Change Kit. This includes everything you need to complete an oil change.

  • Manual fluid extractor

  • Drain pan 

  • E8 external torx socket and socket wrench

  • Torque wrench

  • Funnel and rags

  • Protective equipment: rubber gloves, safety glasses, close-toed shoes

Sea-Doo SWITCH oil change process


Park your SWITCH pontoon on its trailer and on a level surface. Firmly chock the trailer tires. Next, use the trailer jack to level the pontoon if necessary and place jack stands at the rear of the trail for support.


Warm up the engine following the flushing instructions to bring the engine up to the right temperature. Remember, never run your Sea-Doo SWITCH pontoon without supplying water to the exhaust system and never run it longer than 2 minutes. When connecting your garden hose, be sure to use the proper connection found at the center of the hull.

Repeat the engine warm-up process twice, letting the drive shaft cool down for 5 minutes between each cycle. 

Run the engine for 10 seconds at 4,000 RPM and shut it off at this RPM by pulling the tether cord. This will move oil from the PTO housing to the oil tank for maximum oil draining.

 /!\ DANGER /!\ DO NOT run the engine indoors or without adequate ventilation or permit exhaust fumes to accumulate in confined areas. Engine exhaust contains carbon monoxide (CO) which, if inhaled, can cause serious brain damage or death.



Remove the engine access panels in the center of the floor.


Extract the old engine oil. Rather than draining the oil like you would from a car, use the fluid extractor to pump the oil out of your Sea-Doo SWITCH pontoon and into a drain pan.

Remove the dipstick and oil fill cap. Place one end of the fluid extractor hose into the dipstick opening. For a Rotax 1630 ACE engine, insert the tube 475 mm or a little more than 18.5 in. Place the other end of the fluid extractor into your drain pan and pump the old oil into your drain pan.

Sea-Doo pro tip: Measure the end of the tube to be inserted and quickly mark the proper distance with a piece of tape. You’ll be happy you did this, trust us.

Remove the extractor hose from the dipstick tube and reinstall the fill cap and the dipstick. Put the tether cord back in place. Then, fully depress the throttle lever and HOLD it while pressing the start button to crank the engine for 10 seconds. Siphon the oil again. Repeat the crank-siphon cycle two or three times to ensure all the old oil is removed.


Remove the oil filter cover and old oil filter with the E8 external torx driver. Be careful not to drop the bolt into the hull. Set the bolt aside and remove the old O-rings.

Carefully remove the old oil filter. You’ll want a rag to catch any drips. Wipe the filter cover clean and inspect the oil filter housing for any debris and clean if needed.


Install the new oil filter and replace O-rings. Lightly oil the oil filter ring and new O-rings with fresh oil so they seal tightly. Reinstall the oil filter cover and torque bolts to 9 N·m ± 1 N·m (80 lbf·in ± 9 lbf·in).

Sea-Doo pro tip: In saltwater areas, it is recommended to coat the mating surface of the cover with grease.


Fill with fresh oil and replace the oil fill cap and dipstick. The XPS Oil Change Kit comes with the required amount of oil for your Sea-Doo SWITCH pontoon.


Verify the proper oil level. Using the same engine warm-up procedure, bring engine RPM to 4,000–4,500 RPM for 15 seconds. Stop the engine abruptly by pressing the start/stop button or removing the tether cord. Wait at least 30 seconds for the oil to settle in the engine and check the oil levels. Adjust as required.


Reinstall the engine access floor panels, and you’re ready to ride.

STEP 10:

Dispose of your old oil and filter properly. If you’re not sure where to do this, contact your local municipality for proper oil disposal locations and procedures.

With your Sea-Doo SWITCH pontoon oil change complete, you’re ready to get back to making memories with friends and family and rediscovering That Sea-Doo Life all over again. If you have any questions about the Sea-Doo oil change process, be sure to reach out to your authorized Sea-Doo dealer. We’ll see you on the water!

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