Responsible Rider

Ride Rad, Not Bad

We all love to speed, splash, and send it. But when riding rad is done in the wrong places, it's just bad. Bad riding is leading to PWCs being banned. We need your help to stop them. 

The Responsible Rider program is about being present when you ride and always considering saftey, riding etiquette and the environment, whether you're out on the ocean, lake or river. Start your Responsible Rider journey now.


To stay safe on the water, riders should be aware of their surroundings, follow local laws and regulations, and always wear a life vest and neoprene shorts. Be sure to check the weather forecast before heading out.


As Sea-Doo riders, we respect the waterways. That means never riding too close to the shore or to swimmers, staying away from prohibited riding areas and being mindful of marine life.


Riding etiquette is all about making the waterways a safe space for all. That means reducing noise in residential areas, minding your speed, and not riding too close to swimmers or other boaters.

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