Tips for the Perfect Sea‑Doo Day

Life with your Sea-Doo has been fantastic! How could it possibly get any better? We’re glad you asked, because we’re cooking up the perfect recipe for taking your adventures to the next level. Here’s what you’ll need:

1. Your own beat: Music is an essential ingredient to the perfect day on the water and we’ve got plenty of ways for you to find the soundtrack that fits your adventure and your style. From your own playlists to our curated playlists already set on the Sea-Doo Spotify channel, you can crank up the volume and the excitement with the amazingly rich sound of great Sea-Doo audio options.

2. Refreshments: Make sure you’ve got plenty of snacks to top off your tank and keep you energized throughout the day. Sea-Doo LinQ coolers and cooler bags make it possible to take just about any type of refreshments – from a quick bite to a full meal – along for the ride. So, whip yourself up a pasta salad or pack a few slices of watermelon for an easy meal at your favorite beach or sandbar.

3. Good company: You know you’re going to have some amazing memories and adventures with your Sea-Doo. Wouldn’t you rather share them with others rather than just tell them about it? And with the BRP GO! app, you can keep track of the whole crew, even that one person who is always the last one on the water. You can even plan rides and pit stops for the entire crew, so no one gets left in the wake.

4. Sun shield: Leveling up your Sea-Doo fun usually means longer days on the water and in the sun. Having the right protection is key to maximizing that time. Be sure you’re prepared with a hat, shades and the proper protection for your skin – either plenty of sunscreen or something like a Sea-Doo rash guard shirt with UV protection built in. Hey, no one wants to come home looking like a lobster!

5. Document it: You can always tell people how insanely epic your latest personal watercraft adventure was, but if you don’t TikTok it, did it even happen? Whether you’re doing it for the ‘Gram or collecting proof to validate your latest fish tale, be sure you’ve got those phones, Go Pros and cameras charged with plenty of available memory cards. You’re going to need them!

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