Sea‑Doo Covers: Protection that Fits

Your Sea-Doo watercraft is your pride and joy. Sea-Doo watercraft covers don’t just help you protect your ride, they do it the right way with a secure fit, easy access to storage and accessories, and sharp looks.

Won’t any cover do just fine? Let’s examine that a little closer. Sea-Doo watercraft covers are designed with the active style of watercraft enthusiasts in mind. They’re made to do much more than just wrap around your Sea-Doo while in storage (although, they work perfectly for that as well).

Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach like many aftermarket cover manufacturers, Sea-Doo covers are designed for each specific model and come with clips for added peace of mind. This means a snug protection perfectly fit for your watercraft that stays secure during trailering, storms and even seals out critters that may be looking for an extended stay in your Sea-Doo.

Protecting your watercraft is obviously important when you’re trailering to your favorite launch, but so is having access to fueling and storage areas. Sea-Doo covers offer zippered access to front storage compartments, gloveboxes, fuel and even rear LinQ accessories like coolers, gas caddies and additional storage – and all available LinQ accessories fit under your Sea-Doo cover. So, go ahead and make that last-minute gas station stops for fuel, snacks and refreshments.

One of the biggest pain points of any cover is orientating it correctly when placing it back on your watercraft. Again, Sea-Doo watercraft covers get it right by taking the guesswork out of placing your cover. Yellow fabric indicates handlebar placement points ensure you’ll have your watercraft cover on right the first time – every time

For more information, contact your Sea-Doo Dealer.

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