Sea-Doo x 4ocean: on a mission to clean the ocean

4ocean’s mission: end the planet’s ocean plastic crisis. It’s a lofty goal, and one that Alex Schulze pursues every day with a determined spirit, a dedicated team and his trusty fleet of Sea-Doo vehicles. Tag along on an adventure in Key Largo to find out what a workday in the life of Alex’s ocean clean-up company, 4ocean, looks like, and how their partnership with Sea-Doo has leveled up their operation.

4ocean cofounder and Florida native Alex Schulze wants to change the world. He dedicated his life to cleaning up the ocean, and along with his team of marine lovers, he spends hours at a time on the water, pulling out unwanted debris one pound at a time. Schulze and the 4ocean team use Sea-Doo personal watercraft and Switch pontoons to access delicate, hard-to-reach shallow waters without causing harm to the protected areas.

We met up with the 4ocean crew for a cleanup mission in Key Largo in Florida’s John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park. The park contains some of the United States’ most beautiful coral reefs, but its surrounding mangroves are littered with waste like discarded fishing gear. Alex and his team were determined to clean up the area.

We’ve partnered with Alex and 4ocean because we believe in what they do — and how they do it. We encourage people to use their Sea-Doo vehicles to navigate to otherwise inaccessible areas and take part in this mission. That’s all part of living what we call the Sea-Doo Life! But more than that, we hope 4ocean’s story inspires you to put your watercraft to use for good.

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