Doo It Right: Sea‑Doo LinQ Accessories

The Sea-Doo Life extends far beyond a ride on the water; it can mean something completely different from one rider to another, and even from one hour to the next. That’s why we developed the BRP-exclusive LinQ accessory system.

Quick, Easy, Intuitive… LinQ!

This rider-inspired LinQ innovation allows you to turn afternoon rides into full-day excursions, on-water picnics for two and even epic multi-day adventures. With accessories that attach effortlessly to your watercraft or SWITCH in seconds without the need for bungees or ropes, there’s simply no end in sight for your summer rides.

But how did we get here?

In 2012, LinQ technology started out as a solution to the age-old problem of a lack of storage space. Suddenly, riders could bring additional cargo without needing to strap everything down on their Can-Am Outlander. BRP named it LinQ after the concept of Locked in Quarter Turn; not only was this technology elevating your storage with a wide variety of accessories, the installation of these accessories was done quickly, intuitively and easily with just the turn of a lever.

The Missing LinQ to More Personalization

The key to the Sea-Doo LinQ accessory system is the quick-attach method for securing a variety of accessories to your watercraft or pontoon. Ropes are meant for anchoring and docking, not lashing your gear in hopes it will remain attached through all the things the day may throw your way.

Simply put, with LinQ, customization is only one quarter turn away!

This groundbreaking technology became a staple for all Can-Am vehicles, then was added to the Sea-Doo lineup in 2018. It had an immediate impact, changing the personal-watercraft riding experience forever. With LinQ, it’s easier than ever to customize your PWC to add more things to it, carry more fuel on every adventure, and push the boundaries of everything you thought was possible on the water. Plus, the technology is adapted to the Sea-Doo SWITCH as well — that’s right, it can just easily elevate your time on your pontoon.

Take your “That’s not going anywhere” guessing game out of the equation. LinQ accessories hold strong in the roughest conditions with the simple flip of a lever. This toolless method of installation enables riders to attach accessories like additional storage for more adventure gear, coolers for refreshments on the go and even extra snacks for those extra-long days on the water.

Such simple, clean installation and user-friendly functionality mean your ride won’t look like you’re a castaway trying to get off a deserted island ever again.

For more information, contact your Sea-Doo dealer.

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