Sea‑Doo X Uncharted Society: Adventure to Catalina Island

Paulina Dao never dreamed she'd be riding a Sea-Doo to Catalina Island.

As human beings, there are just certain things we won’t do. Whether consciously or subconsciously, we all reach a point where something inside tells us to stop. Turn back. We’ve gone too far. That’s what makes Paulina Dao’s adventure to Catalina Island worth telling. Her drive to push beyond that well-established comfort zone to discover something truly extraordinary within herself.

“Adventure was definitely not a big part of my childhood,” explains Dao. “Asian people don’t do this,” she added.

There’s any number of reasons and experiences that determine where that invisible boundary is for a human. It’s only when we break through that invisible line that we do the things we never thought possible. That's the whole idea behind Uncharted Society and the variety of incredible adventures they offer such as this. When paired with brands and experiences like Sea-Doo, it opens the door to new experiences and breaking those boundaries that exist in our minds.

Be a “Yes” Person
Neither Dao or her travel companion, Jenny Simacek, had much experience around or on the water. The curiosity of the unknown was part of what drove them to board a plane to Long Beach, California, and eventually embark on the 60-mile open water trek to Catalina Island by Sea-Doo.

The first step of any new adventure is the most important. It’s also often the step we stumble on the most. Just saying, “Yes, let’s try it,” can be an insurmountable obstacle all on its own. For these two women, it wasn’t necessarily easy, but it was the launch pad for something special.

“It was kind of terrifying at first when I noticed the shore was gone, but it was really freeing and felt really cool,” Jenny Simacek, Paulina's adventure companion, explained.

With the confidence of their knowledgable guides provided through Uncharted Society, they took on the challenge. Knowing they were in good hands with people who were seasoned in these types of advenutres helped calm some of those nerves.

Unbreakable Bonds
As anyone who’s ventured beyond their comfort zone can attest, having a partner in crime along for the ride adds an often immeasurable level of fun to the journey.

“It’s always really cool to have your friend there. You calm each other down, and make fun of each other,” they said with a smile. “It’s just a great bonding experience that we can laugh about,” they added.

Together, with their guide, their confidence swelled with each passing wave. Understanding that enjoying life in the moment meant more than anything. That unbridled freedom they were experiencing was a force far greater than any subconscious boundaries that may have held them back.

Once in a Lifetime
Whether it was the sea lions, dolphins, snorkeling, caves or the Sea-Doo units, it doesn’t really matter, because the moments shared and the personal growth discovered is unmatched. 

“Being able to try something new that I really didn’t think I could do… that felt like a once in a lifetime experience,” Dao said.

At Sea-Doo and Uncharted Society, we want to encourage everyone to dream their wildest and make that “never in a million years” happen right now. We’re here to help.

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