Sea-Doo x Uncharted Society: Florida family adventures

Life's more fun on the water, and Uncharted Society wants to get more people enjoying the world of aquatic adventures. From zero on-water experience to soaking up the wind, waves—and waving to dolphins—their outfitters introduce riders of all levels to the Sea-Doo Life hidden within themselves. They are all about hopping on a personal watercraft, revving it up, and sharing an unforgettable time with those you love in unbelievable destinations. As you'll see, Fort Pierce, Florida is one such prized destination: watch these families tour its crystal blue waterways and escape their routine.


Why watch it on TV when you can live it first hand? Two Florida families make the bet that joining this guided Uncharted Society adventure, at Salty's Water Sports, in Fort Pierce to have a fun, stress-free experience is worth it.

They want a local excursion that brings their families closer for something new—and one that's accessible to every member. Breaking out of the routine can be tough, but you can't expect new results by doing the same thing: Florida sunshine and fresh ocean breezes are the perfect way to shake things up. Just ask the two families' children! Without their mobile devices, they listen intently as Uncharted Society guide Jarrod Wells points out dolphins, manatees, and other things. Seeing a different side to their parents, the area, and how fun the water can be, the children approve of this epic day on a Sea-Doo.

To make sure the challenge is not too daunting, Wells leads the pack. With local knowledge, the prepared route, and experience, this local guide answers any questions and makes everyone feel at ease. The smiles are what make it all worth it, he says. “Just seeing the look on the kids and the adults faces, I get to see this stuff for the very first time," Wells says. “That's what does it for me, that's why we do what we do.”

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