Catch Clean Cook – Putting the “fun” in “fine dining”

No matter how intense your Sea-Doo life gets, you still have to stop and eat. Thankfully, we’ve found a fun-filled way to combine riding and dining. In this video series, we bring our Sea-Doo FishPro to new fishing destinations with a local, who then treats us to a delicious meal featuring our catch of the day. Your taste buds are in for a wild ride!


Episode 1: Living the Sea-Doo Life touches all the senses – even your taste buds
We hit the warm waters of the Florida Keys with fishing guide Nathan Weinbaum aboard the Sea-Doo FishPro with dinner on our minds. As anyone who’s been fishing knows, some days don’t always go as planned. With a little persistence and just enough luck, a bad day fishing can turn into a good meal quick. Especially with this recipe for amazing ceviche made with Mutton Snapper caught earlier in the day.


Episode 2 : This is what fish must taste like on Mars
Lake Powell has often been described as what boating on Mars would be like. The massive rock formations of varying shapes and the vast vistas with no vegetation in sight offer a boating experience unlike anywhere in the world. Bob Reed is a life-long outdoorsmen and has a deep love of Powell. Reed saw an opportunity to share his passion for the lake with others by exploring it in the most engaging and personal way possible, on Sea-Doo Fishpro watercraft. With this, he started Up Lake Adventures, the only licensed watercraft fishing and photo charter guide service on Lake Powell.

We joined Bob and his fleet of Fishpro watercraft on a chilly day in November at the massive launch ramp near Page, AZ. He talked of the weather forecast and shared his plan for the day, discussing the baits we would use, the coves we would explore, and the recipe for cooking fresh fish. What we would see and experience during this edition of Sea-Doo Catch, Clean, Cook can only be described as Epic...and epically delicious. First bite...delicious, there is nothing like eating your catch on the same day it was caught.

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