Sea-Doo Rise: Electric Hydrofoil

Sea-Doo is evolving fun on the water, launching an electric hydrofoil board (efoil) - an all-electric product designed so anyone can feel their smile rise, whatever their level.

Fun - constantly evolving

Enjoy the feeling of flying - whatever your level. Designed with innovative & dynamic features, the more you improve, the more the Sea-Doo Rise lets your emotions & confidence fly.


Fly in your comfort zone

A retractable handlebar let's you ride however you feel comfortable. Surf standing up, on your knees or even lying down. The Sea-Doo Rise transitions with you over time as your skills - and confidence - improve.

Flying lessons not required!

New to the sport? No problem! With a click of the remote, select your cruising speed and enjoy a near-silent experience. Simply ride it on the water like an electric surfboard without foiling, then rise partially then fully deploy the foil. And then, take flight!

See the fun rise!

Accessible, simple to use and easy to charge, the all-electric hydrofoil (eFoil) surfboard Sea-Doo Rise provides an elevated experience to take your fun on the water to new heights.

Frequently Asked Question

It is an electric surfboard that flies above the water using a hydrofoil wing. Speed is controlled using a handheld remote. It is a dynamic new way to experience power sports.

Rise is battery-powered. As you increase speed, you also increase the lift above the water. It is silent and emission-free. It is the perfect physical activity for one that seeks to be in sync with nature.

Check your local regulations concerning riding an eFoil. For instance, some countries or states will require a boat license to use a powered board.

The design of Rise has numerous features that ensure a fun and worry-free experience from the start. Its larger design allows for industry-leading stability at rest. It features a comfortable anti-slip mat with rounded components as an included leash in case of a fall. Not to forget that its impeller is entirely protected and the convenient handlebar improves rider stability. While riding RISE, BRP strongly recommends always wearing a helmet and a full neoprene wetsuit for a worry-free experience and to maximize fun.

It usually requires a lot of stability to get up on an eFoil. However, because of its unique retractable handlebar, Rise offers a reassuring stability that allows any level of rider to get up and experience the freedom of flying. Rise has been created to deliver a unique evolutive experience that matches any level of rider. From your knees to a free-standing position, the board will evolve, step by step, with you.

Yes, eFoils are considered powered boards which are legal in the US and Canada. However, Sea-Doo recommends checking your local regulations as each body of water has different restrictions regarding power boats and power watercraft.

BRP strongly recommends registering your RISE to local authorities. Legislation will differ from country to country and from state to state

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