Sea‑Doo Adventure: Fishing on Lake Powell with Bri Andrassy

With an opportunity to show her friend and fellow fishing fanatic, Kristine Fischer, what fishing from a Sea-Doo is all about, ambassador Bri Andrassy jumped at the chance to meet up on the majestic waters of Lake Powell and dive in head first.

When it comes to dropping a line in search of big fish, you won't find many people like Bri Andrassy and Kristine Fischer who are willing to go in the water in whatever way possible. Both women have spent years on the water, fishing from just about anything that floats - including paddle boards, kayaks, chartered fishing rigs, deep sea vessels and more. Both Andrassy and Fischer have found kayaks and paddle boards as a couple of their preferred methods of on-water transport to their favorite hot spots. There's just something about being that close to the action, aboard the smallest of watercraft with a big fish on the end of the line that feeds the adrenaline and their souls.

Andrassy, a Sea-Doo ambassador, had one up on Fischer, having experienced the unique adventures of casting her line from a Sea-Doo FishPro. When the opportunity presented itself for the two to meet up on Lake Powell for a once-in-a-lifetime experience fishing together from their own Sea-Doos, they both knew it was something that couldn't be passed up. So Andrassy hopped on a plane from her home in Florida while Fischer navigated her way to Utah from the Midwest, and the game was on!

With adrenaline pumping straight from the dock, the two ladies set out on the adventure of a lifetime, enjoying the ride as much as the fishing. Being close to the action on every cast only fueled the excitement. At day's end, there was no doubting there was a new Sea-Doo FishPro fan leaving the boat ramp.

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