Best Sea-Doo Destinations in North America

Looking for some inspiration for your next Sea-Doo Life adventure? These locations are known as some of the best in North America to quench your thirst for adventure or just help you drink in the best of summer. Here’s our list of our favorite riding destinations in Canada and the United States.

Canada’s Best Riding Destinations

Bruce Peninsula (Ontario)

There is perhaps no more breathtaking freshwater scenery than what you’ll find along the shores of the Great Lakes. Bruce Peninsula is a favorite riding destination for many reasons. It separates Georgian Bay from the main basin of Lake. At the mouth of the bay sits Five Fathom National Park – Canada’s first National Marine Conservation Area – where you’ll enjoy what is considered the most pristine waters of the Great Lakes with fascinating shipwrecks hiding just below the surface.

Shuswap Lake (British Columbia)

Nestled in the mountains of southern British Columbia sits Shuswap Lake and its many quaint lakeside communities. Recreation is the heartbeat of the surrounding area, and during the Canadian summer months, few do it better than the people around the Shuswap. The lake consists of four arms – Salmon Arm (southwest), Shuswap Arm (west), Anstey Arm (northeast), and Seymour Arm (north). No matter where you’re enjoying the Sea-Doo Life on the lake, you’re surrounded by majestic mountain scenery. There’s also plenty of opportunity to stop and soak in a summer’s day with many beaches, towns and five provincial parks along the 100s of kilometers of shoreline.

Muskoka Lake (Ontario)

Where is the absolute best place to spend your summer months? According to National Geographic Traveler Magazine, it’s Lake Muskoka in Ontario. With enchanting cottages and boat houses lining the shores, the surrounding scenery evokes a nostalgic feel as the friendly communities embrace all that is summer. With multiple marinas along the lake, a full day of fun is easy to enjoy, and the legendary Muskoka waterski show is not to be missed. And the resorts of the area offer plenty of ways to experience the Canadian cottage life done right.


Good Spirit Lake (Saskatchewan)
Good Spirit Lake sits 30 minutes northwest of Yorkton, Saskatchewan, and is surrounded by Good Spirit Lake Provincial Park on three sides. The beaches within the park annually rank among the best in Canada. The white sand dune landscape around the lake makes the blue water pop and sparkle in the summer sunlight. The lake also boasts excellent fishing and the perfect shallow sandy beaches perfect enjoying the Sea-Doo Life all summer long.

Témiscouata Lake (Quebec)

A watersports lover’s paradise in the summer months, Témiscouata Lake in southeastern Quebec is more than 40 kms long and offers ample opportunity to enjoy waterskiing, fishing and just about any other Sea-Doo Life activity you might fancy on a hot, sunny day. If you’re looking for a more serene lake experience, Parc national du Lac-Témiscouata is the ideal place to contemplate life’s simple pleasures.

Thousand Islands (Ontario)

This isn’t your average “island life.” The Thousand Islands area of the St. Lawrence River is located along Ontario’s southeastern border with New York state. A collection of more than islands that starts just as Lake Ontario empties into the St. Lawrence, it was known as a retreat area for the elite in the late 19th century. Today, it’s a Sea-Doo adventure lover’s paradise featuring historic castles, well-marked channel ways to help you navigate through friendly shoreline communities with waterside dining, gas and even a casino. Whether it’s a day trip, a weekend getaway or a season-long adventure, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for in Thousand Islands.


Favorite Riding Destinations in the United States

Florida Keys (Florida)

The capital for all things related to the ocean. From sportfishing, riding, scuba diving, seafood and more, no matter where your passion on the water lies, you’ll find it in the Florida Keys. Did you know the waters around these picturesque islands have been protected by the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary since 1990? It’s home to only coral barrier reef located along the coast of the continental United States. All of the activities mentioned above have earned world-class status, making it one of the globe’s premier areas to enjoy just about any activity on the water. From white sand beaches to mangrove forests to the underwater scenery, there’s no end to the Sea Doo Life adventure!

Tampa Bay (Florida)

Take a glimpse at any list of top North American riding destinations and you’ll undoubtedly find Tampa Bay listed near the top. One of the most popular riding destinations in the U.S. Tampa offers more than 400 square miles of water teeming with more than 200 varieties of marine life. With large cities such as Tampa, St. Petersburg and Clearwater on its shores, there are plenty of ways to enjoy a meal or refreshment on the shore. For those who love a good adventure, exploring the large number of tributaries can level up the excitement. Or if you’re looking for a relaxing afternoon on the beach, nearby Caladesi Island State Park offers one of the area’s most pristine sandy beaches to soak in the sun.

Lake Powell (UT)

If you’re searching for a truly unique experience on the water, Lake Powell should be at the top of your list. It’s been compared to riding on Mars because of its unique shoreline structure comprised of red rocks. It makes for some surreal exploration through narrow canyons and the fishing is some of the best freshwater fishing in all of North America. Lake shore camping is also a popular activity on Lake Powell with many coves and canyons to settle in for the night and continue on to your next adventure.


Torch Lake (Michigan)
Its waters have been compared to the Caribbean Sea, but it’s more than 1,600 miles north of Miami. National Geographic once even named Torch Lake as the third most beautiful lake in the world! It’s also one of the most accessible bodies of water as well, with 48 public access points located around its 41-miles of shoreline. Deep, crystal-clear water isn’t the only thing this Midwest gem has in common with the Caribbean – the only thing bigger than the 2-mile-long sandbar is the weekend party. The annual 4th of July gathering has become known as the place to be on the water. And the many restaurants around the shore are the perfect place for a dockside refreshment.

South Padre Island (Texas)

On a Fish Pro to catch redfish – bluest water in Texas. Everything is bigger in Texas, including the Sea-Doo Life – even on South Padre Island that covers just under 4 square miles. One word to describe the weather on South Padre Island: Ideal. With an average temp of 74F year-round and claiming the bluest water in Texas, it’s the perfect place to take to the calm ocean waters whenever the mood strikes. If fishing is your thing, this is the place. Whether you’re on a guided trip for redfish or just casting a line from shore, you can bring your fresh catch of the day and have prepared to your taste at many of the seaside restaurants. Paradise, found!

Long Beach to Catalina Island (California)

Also a good multi-day ride. Destination rides can be some of the most thrilling and eye-popping experiences on the water. Whether by Sea-Doo Switch or personal watercraft, the journey from Long Beach, Calif., to Catalina Island is sure to be the highlight of any riding season. Encounters with curious sealions and other marine life are common. You can also jump in and explore endless underwater kelp forests. Whether you're day tripping the 22-mile trip out to Catalina Island or plan on spending the night, a Sea-Doo lets you experience the adventure from a unique view with plenty of excitment along the way.


Lake of the Ozarks (Missouri)
If lake living speaks to you, Lake of the Ozarks in central Missouri is calling your name. 1,150 miles (1850 km), 92 miles (48 km) end-to-end dotted with public beaches offers access to public beaches, two state parks, great fishing, and plenty of room for fun and recreation on the water. This is one body of water where not a minute of summer goes by the wayside, with events happening virtually all season long. A quick look at the local events calendars and you’ll find elite fishing tournaments, summer holiday celebrations, live music on the water, powerboat races and more. And with nine official public access points along the waterway, accessing Lake of the Ozarks is easy from a wide range of locations.

Where is Your Favorite Riding Spot? Did we miss your favorite body of water? Send us a message on Facebook or Instagram – we’re always looking for a new Sea-Doo Life adventure!

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