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Everyone’s Sea-Doo Life is a bit different, from high octane watersports to family fun at sea. We want to see yours, so send over your best pictures and videos for a chance to make our Sea-Doo Wall of Fame.

How it works


Grab your phone, get outside, and capture yourself living the Sea-Doo Life.


Upload your best raw clips and moments on the water.


Get a chance to be featured on our Sea-Doo Wall of Fame and win cool prizes.

How to send us awesome photos and videos

We know Sea-Doo watercraft look amazing, but you don’t need to have your Sea-Doo in every picture. Show us where it has taken you! After all, landscapes and epic destinations are part of the Sea-Doo Life. Capture different scenarios from unique angles; try the passenger point of view, or the eyes-in-the-back-of-your-head shot.

The perfect shot? Any shot with you in it. Be sure to capture those big moments, like your first time riding your Sea-Doo, and the epic feats, like that personal best ski run.

Any time the watercraft is in motion, all aboard must be wearing a life jacket and neoprene shorts. Commit to safe riding, and take the opportunity to show future generations how to ride the right way.

The perfect camera? The camera you have with you! But there are some quality requirements: for videos, 720p resolution is the bare minimum — try for 1080p or higher (up to 4K). For the most shareable images, try to make sure the picture is taken with at least a 10 MP (megapixel) camera, at a resolution of 3872 x 2592 pixels.

Tell your story through a series of moments from different perspectives. What has living the Sea-Doo Life been like for you? We want to see the real thing; no filters or heavy editing, please!

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