Alvean Azurin

Age: Like Fine Wine 😉

Hometown: Houston, Texas

Current Sea-Doo Model: SPARK TRIXX, GTX 300 Limited and RXP-X 300

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How did your interest in PWCs start?
I’m always looking for an adventure and love being active. PWCs provide speed, Adrenaline and allows me to explore places a typical boater wouldn’t be able to.

What are your favorite activities on the water?
Duh.. Riding my Sea-Doo of course. Snorkeling and Surfing is a plus.

Who makes up your typical riding crew?
My riding crew can range depending on my riding style for the day. Example; If I’m feeling like a lake day playing around on the water while hanging on the sandbar, I call my SPARK TRIXX friends to come pop wheelies with me and have a SPARK Party. So if I’m feeling adventurous and wanting some speed over open water or planning on taking a long range ride I take my GTX 300 Limited and call my Big Ski Crew, friends who likes to push it and not scared to do some exploring. On some days I feel like going full throttle down rivers/bayous with tight narrow turns or practicing around some bouys with the RXP-X 300 I call my need for speed adrenaline junkie crew to come out and play

Favorite place to ride?
Honestly that is pretty hard to just select just one place, especially after riding so many different states this past year. I can narrow it down to three places: Bahamas, Texas, Florida.

Dream place to ride?
I have so many places on my RIDE Bucket List but I would have to say my top two must places to ride this upcoming year is Lake Powell and Puerto Rico.

Describe your life away from the water:
Just as much as I am active on water I also am on land. From playing 2 vs 2 beach volleyball to flying out to the mountains to hit the slopes snowboarding, you never know where I will be because I’m always on the move.

What’s your one must-have accessory for your Sea-Doo?
A MUST for me is the Fuel Caddy. Sometimes my rides can consist of more than 100 miles and having the extra fuel on my Sea-doo keeps the day going and the vibes flowing.

What’s one innovation you’d like to see on a Sea-Doo that doesn’t currently exist?
It would be amazing for a Sea-Doo to give off a wake big enough to learn or even practice wake surfing behind. Maybe something like a balister or an attachment that will create a wake.

Favorite place to eat?
Yeah I’m somewhat of a foodie, I love hole in the wall type of places that have a lot of flavor but if we have to narrow it down to one place that I like to go to when I’m on the water riding my Sea-Doo I would say Top Water Grill. The variety of food is Delicious and the views you get are amazing while sitting on the dock in the booths. The PWC floating docks they provide are a plus.

First artist you add to your play list?
I make a playlist just for every specific activity I’m doing. One band that comes to mind that usually appears at least once on each playlist is Journey. Journey can sure hype up any crowd.

Celebrity or person you’d most like to ride with?
I seriously would love to ride with Will Smith. I think he would be such a blast to hang out. His thoughts and perspectives about life inspires many including myself. He is not afraid of speed and pushing himself outside of his comfort zone. One of my favorite things he said and totally agree with is “Fear Kills Your Ability to See Beauty”. I make it a point to not let fear stop me from doing anything because I know it’s momentary and beauty is on the other side of that fear. To top it all off, all the laughs we would have joking around on the water is a plus.