Anticipate Epic

The most exclusive high-performance personal watercraft ever created by Sea‑Doo, in partnership with Australian F1 driver, Daniel Ricciardo.

Fast & fearless

Turn up the heat: There’s a new standard in speed

An ultra comfortable ride that goes lightning fast? If it sounds like a sports car, that’s because it practically is. This beast handles so precisely on the water, even the waves are impressed.

Perfect ten

A high-performance watercraft with a look to match

This watercraft can turn heads on any body of water. The new exclusive high performance Sea-Doo sports an exotic look highlighted by a unique Racing Green body. There’s more, but we’ve already said too much.

Meet Daniel

Daniel Ricciardo, that is. Australian racing superstar and the most fun driver in F1...and on a Sea-Doo!

Cool, confident, cutthroat

Daniel Ricciardo lives life in the fast lane. On the track, he races for the McLaren Formula One team. On the water, he goes full throttle on his new favorite Sea-Doo, which is – well, we can’t say just yet.