Spark accessories

The perfect fit for a perfect ride

Turn your ride into more than you ever thought possible with fully intergrated accessories designed with the perfect fit, finish and function to turn everyday into an epic adventure

Create your own Sea-Doo experience

Get ready to push the limits of what you can do and where you can go on a watercraft. Take a step closer with these SPARK TRIXX 2UP accessories to live the complete Sea-Doo life.

  • LinQ box 
    P/N: 715004301
  • Front storage bin 
    P/N: 295100864
  • Boarding Step 
    P/N: 295100642
  • Handlebar with Adjustable Riser 
    P/N: 295100746

Riding essentials

Make sure you have all the essentials you need to fully enjoy your day on the water.

  • Snap-in Fenders 
    P/N: 295100418
  • Folding Anchor 
    P/N: 295100750
  • Safety Equipment Kit 
    P/N: 295100330
  • SPARK Cover 
    P/N: 295100912

Gear up for the ride

Life Jackets, riding suits, wetsuits, beachwear.. Sea-Doo's got it all!

Safety has never looked so good. Stay safe and stylish with our selection of attractive, comfortable and functional Sea-Doo gear.

  • Men's Airflow Life Jacket
  • Men's Neoprene Shorts
  • Men's Long Sleeve Rashguard
  • Sea-Doo Floating Sunglasses