Becoming My Own Captain: Kimi Werner

About the episode


Model: FishPro Trophy
Location: Hawaii
Collaborator: Kimi Werner

Episode description:
When Kimi Werner was 24 years old, she picked up a spear to prove she could feed herself from the ocean like her father. Now a U.S. National Spearfishing Champion and certified culinary chef, the ocean not only provides for Kimi’s family, it also feeds her soul. So does riding her Sea-Doo FishPro Trophy, which is surprisingly the first watercraft she has ever owned. “To hop on a vessel and be able to get to a place that’s only accessible that way — it’s magic.” With a spear in hand, and behind the handlebars of her Sea-Doo, Kimi Werner is her own captain.

Discover our ambassador Kimi Werner.

What makes the FishPro Trophy so unique?

Best seat on the water

An innovation in personal watercraft fishing, the Modular Swivel Seat provides a higher vantage point to fish from. A backrest makes long days more comfortable and a full 360-degree turn allows riders access to all parts of the PWC from the seat.

Live well with LinQ

Anglers can use the LinQ Fishing Cooler to keep catch and bait. A built-in pump feeds fresh water into the reservoir and transforms the cooler into a 51 L/13.5 gal livewell.

Find fish fast

This is fishing with tech on your side. The Garmin 7" Touchscreen Fish Finder & GPS acts as your eyes beneath the surface, featuring an in-hull transducer with mid-CHIRP technology to map your chase.

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