Making passion the family business

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Model: Switch Cruise 21"
Location: Fort Pierce - Florida
Collaborator: Salty’s Water Sports owners

Episode description:
As husband and wife, and business partners, Diana and John don’t have the option to separate work and play — nor would they want to. That’s because as the owners of Salty’s Water Sports, an Uncharted Society outfitter that rents out personal watercraft, pontoons and watersports equipment in Florida, their work is their passion, and vice versa. And it all revolves around their Switch. “It’s an extension of our lives” Diana says. It serves them with clients — sunset cruise, anyone?! — and it feeds their adventures along with their young son, Logan. In work and life, Diana and John are never far from the water — or from their Sea-Doo Switch.

Discover our collaborator the Salty’s Water Sports owners.

What makes the Sea-Doo Switch Cruise so unique?

Easy control

Steering the Switch is just like steering a personal watercraft: easy. An intuitive handlebar setup smashes the learning curve, and Intelligent Brake and Reverse (iBR) makes docking and launching a whole lot easier. Plus, cruise control comes standard.

Convenience creates comfort

No two rides are the same; an innovative tile system allows you to reconfigure your Switch’s layout in a few seconds to adapt to that day’s adventure. Transform the deck with just your hands to make more room and host a comfier ride for you and your crew.

Copious amounts of fun

All your favorite things live on one pontoon. The swim platform creates easy rear access to the water for swimming and during watersports. In addition, the fully waterproof Bluetooth BRP Audio System makes you your own DJ so you can ride to your top tunes.

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