Meet the Sea-Doo Rise

Sea-Doo is revolutionizing fun on the water, entering the world of electric hydrofoil boards with an all-electric product that is made for just about anyone

Innovation - elevated.

Cleverly designed with innovative and dynamic features, the Sea-Doo Rise transitions with its rider as they gain experience over time, making it super accessible for the entire family.

One of its kind

Surf standing up, on your knees or even lying down, the Sea-Doo Rise features a retractable handlebar that allows you to decide when you need to use it for extra balance or fold-down to feel like a true surfer.

Maximize the fun

New to the sport? No problem! You can choose to ride on the water without foiling or partially or fully deploy the foil. And then, you are ready to fly over the water! With a click of the remote, just select your cruising speed and enjoy a near-silent experience.

Elevated experience

Accessible, simple to use and easy to charge, the all-electric hydrofoil board Sea-Doo Rise provides an elevated experience to maximize your fun on the water.

Stay tuned !

Available 2024

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