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Sea-Doo life

Rise before the sun, the water is calling on you to make waves. Steer with your heart, and leave a wake worth remembering.

Endless adventures await.

We’ve got a complete lineup for you to choose from so you can live your best Sea-Doo life.

Make Waves

Open a gateway to excitement.

From thrills and adventure to relaxation and quality family fun, there’s a Sea-Doo out there that’s just your speed, and we can hear it calling your name.

Leading the way

The world's #1 watercraft

Sea-Doo continues to ride a wave of reliability and relentless innovation with watercraft that will boost your riding experience and rock your world. Find out for yourself how extraordinary every outing can be.

Cutting-edge technology

Tomorrow's innovations today

We’re always looking for ways to improve thanks to our most valuable source of feedback—you! And with advanced technologies in our engines and ride platforms, we’re developing new ways to ride for generations to come.

Meet our Ambassadors

Whether it’s fishing legends or adrenaline junkies, our Ambassadors are hooked on the Sea-Doo life. Get to know each of them better as they open you up to the endless possibilities of adventure on the water.