Surf Life Saving Australia

BRP Powering Surf Life Saving to help save lives on our Australian Beaches

Surf Live Saving Australia

For over a decade, BRP has been the official powercraft supplier for SLSA.
With our products, SLSA has been patrolling our shores with the equipment you can rely on.

Together our mission is to provide a safe environment for Australians to enjoy the outdoor playgrounds.

Patrolling Aussie Shores

Our Sea-Doo units are engineered to be the most capable, reliable and high performing vehicles, allowing lifesavers to move around the water quickly and effectively.With key features like our on-water braking system, to enhance the safety and manoeuvrability, making Sea-Doo the best suited to SLSA standards.

Powering Aussie Beaches

Our SLSA lifesavers are equipped with the latest innovations from our Can-Am vehicles.Equipped with a safety key to limit the speed for beginners and allowing surf clubs to safely train the next generations of lifesavers.

Together we save lives

Surf Life Saving Australia and BRP are united together to take care of all Australians on our beaches. We are committed to rise to the challenge and exercise our sense of responsibility.

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