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Protective riding gear never looked so good

PFDs & Protective Gear

We've reimagined protective riding gear from the ground up. Beginning with our revamped unisex PFDs to our designed-for-comfort protective riding gear, you'll find your style with just the right attitude.

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Comfort and safety should never be mutually exclusive.

2023 Sea-Doo Protective Riding Gear

The right gear means more time on the water.

  • Footwear


    Your feet are your foundation. Keep a sure grip with non-slip soles while keeping your feet and ankles protected.

  • Eyewear


    Floating goggles and polarized shades that keep your vision clear. Your shield from sun, water, wind, bugs and more.

  • Neoprene


    Essential to every ride, Neoprene adds a layer of protection for your entire body and helps insulate from the elements.

  • Rashguards


    Save your skin and maximize comfort with a quick-dry rashguard. Protection from harmful UV rays and abrasions with several fits to match your style.

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