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The next wave of fun and adventure is here!

The adventure has never been better. With groundbreaking power, fresh innovations and more ways than ever to customise the perfect Sea-Doo life experience, the 2024 Sea-Doo lineup cranks up the fun.

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Explorer Pro Now With A 230 HP Option

The industry's first PWC truly built for adventure. Incredibly stable platform and the option between a 170-HP or 230-HP engine with long-range capability. Adventure-focused features built around convenience and comfort add peace of mind to every expedition.

Record-Setting Power

325 HP of Thrills

Supercharge your Sea-Doo adventures with the all-new Sea-Doo Performance series. Featuring the most powerful personal watercraft engine ever built from the factory capable of 0-96 KMPH in just 3.4 seconds*, the adrenaline pump never shuts off.

*Based on BRP internal testing in optimal conditions.

Get ready to turn on the afterburners

Say hello to the GTR 230 & GTR-X 300

Fast, affordable fun. Powerful supercharged Rotax engines paired with a nimble, predictable hull provide acceleration and handling on point for the buoy course or any offshore adventure. Experience serious performance without seriously denting the budget.

Customise the Adventure

A Sea-Doo is just the start of your next adventure. Make it truly yours with Sea-Doo's range of accessories.

Explorer Pro

Explorer Pro 230

Explorer Pro 230

The Explorer Pro redefines the idea of long-distance riding. Now available with a 230-hp engine, it is thoughtfully engineered to create ingenious ways to carry more gear, discover new waterways and open miles of new possibilities.

  • swatch icon Iceland Grey
  • Engine icon Rotax® 1630 ACE - 230 HP
Customise Yours

RXP-X RS Tech Package

RXP-X 325

RXP-X 325

The RXP-X 325 ignites the high-performance watercraft segment as the preeminent ride for the buoy course. A redesigned supercharged 325-HP Rotax engine pairs with race-inspired handling and advanced technology for record-shattering performance.

  • swatch icon Fiery Red Premium
  • Engine icon Rotax® 1630 ACE - 325 HP
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