Nick Taylor

Current Sea-Doo Models: Sea-Doo WAKE & Sea-Doo Spark TRIXX

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It’s all about the freedom of the water, and Sea-Doo ambassador Nick Taylor knows exactly how to find it. The Anna Maria Island, Fla., native took his wakeskate talents and love for the Sea-Doo Life to Honokowai, Hawaii, where he currently explores one of Earth’s most inspiring playgrounds.

When he’s not enjoying one of the many blue-water lagoons with his buddies and his Sea-Doo WAKE, he’s taking in the islands from above as he works towards his helicopter pilot license. But it’s on the water where 29-year-old Taylor is at his happiest. Whether it’s in the surf, sand or on his board, his passion for the Sea-Doo Life is hard to miss!

How did your interest in PWCs start? 
Well for starters, you don’t need a $150,000 boat to have fun!  Wakeskating behind a Sea-Doo lets you enjoy all the best parts of riding without breaking the bank, plus the shallow draft & maneuverability allow you to ride all sorts of places that big boats could never access.  It’s the ultimate all-terrain wakeskate craft!

Favorite place to ride? 
My current home on the island of Maui sits on a magical coastline full of secret blue water coves, tall misty cliffs with waterfalls pouring straight into the ocean, healthy reefs, & even world-class surf to tow into…  I can’t imagine a better place to have a Sea-Doo, to be able to wakeskate all the time, or anywhere I’d be happier.

Dream place to ride? 
I’d need to bring a wetsuit, and it might be hard to get my Sea-Doo WAKE trailered out there, but now that we know about the abundance of liquid water on Enceladus, it’s hard not to daydream about what it might be like to wakeskate on one of Saturn’s moons.  To look up from my board in an alien sky & see those spectacular rings so close…

Describe your perfect day on the water: 
Wake up in the sand on my favorite Maui beach, eat a bowl of cereal & some mangos off the tree, spend a few hours with my friends taking turns towing each other into slabby barrels behind the Sea-Doo, take them for a mid-day helicopter cruise around the deep-carved valleys to the west, bring the Sea-Doo WAKE back around to the glassy side of the island for a wakeskating sesh, some light-gear fishing, & swimming with the whales, then fresh fish tacos for lunch at a secret waterfall, & finally sneak in one more wakeskate & hydrofoil session under the sea cliffs just before the glowing sun dips below the horizon.

Describe your life away from the water: 
These days, if I’m not out on the water wakeskating, hydrofoiling, surfing, diving, & fishing, I’m usually either flying helicopters or sharpening myself musically.

What’s your one must-have accessory for your Sea-Doo? 
Now that I’m used to having so much easy control with the IBR system, I could never go back to the dark ages of the past!  The premium audio system definitely adds another element of fun to every session, now that we can bump our favorite jams while we ride.

What’s one innovation you’d like to see on a Sea-Doo that doesn’t currently exist?
I look forward to the day that Sea-Doo engineers figure out how to make the entire paint job photovoltaic, so that we never need to fill up a tank with hydrocarbons to have a good time, and our days on the water really will be fueled by sunshine =P

Favorite place to eat? 
I don’t know, somewhere fast so I can get back on the water.

First artist you add to your play list? 
I’m on a pretty serious DISPATCH kick lately…

Celebrity or person you’d most like to ride with? 
Celebrities aren’t really my thing, but it would be rad to wakeskate with John John Florence or Obama, for the conversation, perspectives, & the life experience of it all.  They’re both from Hawai’i, so I don’t know why I haven’t tried to line up a Sea-Doo session with them in Kaneohe Bay.  Maybe I need an agent…  And on another note, I’d definitely be down to teach Emma Watson & Tom Holland how to ride it.